That's me

My name is Nico Ferlitsch and I was born on 25th May, 2001. I live in St. Stefan/Gail, a small picturesque village in Carinthia, Austria. Currently, I am attending BORG Hermagor, a grammar school.


Besides my climbing passion I am also interested in music, really hot meals and motor sports. I happen to share all this with my dad, Benno, who is also my regular belayer and 'taxi driver'. I am pretty much looking forward to getting my own driving licence, so that I do not need to strain him as excessively as now.

Climbing Résumé

My first contact with climbing at the age of 9 was not really planned. Together with my dad I visited Kanzianiberg, a climbing crag in Carinthia, Austria, and I was at once fascinated by the beginners' routes I tried on my first day. That day was just the beginning, I set out to acquire some basic gear and began to try the via ferratas for about half a year.

At the age of 10 I finally moved on to sport climbing. Being very motivated and committed, I did not back away from any challenge. Often I was just hanging on to an 8b hold, not being able to move much. After some time, though, I realized that that was not the way to go. So I decided to take on my first 6a.  ;-)

It did not take long and I realized I was making progress quickly and at the age of 12 I was able to send my first 8b. The following year I focussed on improving my technique rather than just setting myself new projects.

The next step came when I managed to send my first 8c at the age of 14, Intermono in Sella Nevea, Italy. In winter that year I moved on to Mišja peč, Slovenia, sending routes up to 8c+ there.

It was not long before I discovered the 9a route called Martin Krpan. From January to April 2017 I tried different moves and linking sections but finally had to pay tribute to the rising temperatures at the beginning of summer, planning to return in autumn and finish the project off as fast as possible. The plan worked out and after just a few tries I could finally send my first 9a in October 2017.

As for my future plans, I am determined to set the bar high and climb more 9a routes or even move up another notch.

Climbing philosophy

In my opinion it is most important to do things that bring you joy. Things that you do joyfully most often go well.

At first I just wanted to do sports and be active, but ever since I noticed my progress my enthusiasm and ambition have grown. When I was 12 I climbed my first 8b route and my first 8c at the age of 14. Now, at the age of 16, I sent my first 9a and I still want to go up the climbing scale and finally climb professionally.

Although this sport can sometimes be very exhausting and demanding, I get back a lot. Never in my whole climbing career have I questioned myself about the reasons for doing this sport. Despite all the thousands of metres in altitude I have climbed and the sore fingertips I have had to cope with, climbing definitely pays off for me and all the hardship and effort make me a happy climber.

The feeling I got when I clipped the chains of my first 9a was simply overwhelming. I had invested so much work and commitment into this project and finally made it. Yet I want even more.

I am confident that I have not reached my limits yet. By giving my best when climbing, physically and mentally, I enjoy the time in nature and thereby freeing my mind. There may not be much time for recreation in my life, being committed to my sport and working hard at school. But I have freely decided to go this way and try to keep my life balanced, doing what I like doing most and I hope doing best: climbing.

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